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Justrite 10 Liter Polypropylene Carboy With Spigot, 83mm Cap - 12939

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Product Summary

  • Polypropylene construction allows for proper sterilization between uses
  • Constructed from autoclavable USP Class VI, FDA grade materials
  • Interchangeable caps and adapters provide top connection flexibility
  • Rectangular ergonomic design saves valuable bench space
  • Leakproof spigot includes easy-grip lever controlling two flow rates
  • Leakproof spigot includes easy-grip lever controlling two flow rates


These polypropylene (PP) carboys feature large handles and base with molded grip allowing you to easily lift and pour. The material type and volume are printed on the outside of the carboy along with large, easy-to-read metric graduation marks that are certified to ±5% accuracy. Available in 83-mm or 120-mm sizes, the included PP cap with platinum-cured silicone gasket provides a tight spill-proof seal. The larger 120-mm neck size allows you to reach into the carboy for quick and easy cleaning. Constructed from USP Class VI, FDA grade PP resin, the translucent carboys provide good chemical compatibility when using with various reagents, buffers, and powders.

Designed with internal threads and a hard stop to prevent over tightening and seal damage, leakproof polypropylene spigots feature 5/8- and ¾-inch hose barbs, and a standard internal luer taper to fit a male barb adapter. Large lever controls two flow rates, one for continuous, locked flow and the other for a faster, manual flow. Carboys are compatible with interchangeable adapters and spigot fittings. Select from a wide range of adapters with molded or quick connect hose barb configurations for top connection flexibility, and additional spigots and versatile barbs for alternate bottom hosing connection options.

Recommended autoclave cycle: 15 PSI and 250˚F (121˚C) for 20 minutes.

Note: Length includes spigot.

More Information
Model No 12939
UPC 697841182011
International Model No. 12939
Material Specifications Polypropylene
Dimensions, Exterior 19.5" H x 6.4" W x 13" L
495mm H x 163mm W x 330mm L
Capacity 2.6 gallon
Liter Capacity 10
Cap Size 83mm
Net Weight, lbs 3.0
Net Weight, kg 1.4


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