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K'A'RCHER Professional 7200 PSI @ 7.9 GPM Ultra High Pressure Washer

K'A'RCHER Professional 7200 PSI @ 7.9 GPM Ultra High Pressure Washer

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HD 7.9/72-4 CAGE EC Maximum power in a minimal package.

The HD 7.9/72-4 Cage Ec ultra high pressure washer delivers 7.9 gallons per minute at a powerful 7,200 PSI. It features a simple on/off dial and automatic pressure relief valve, making it easy to use, while delivering the most powerful cleaning performance in its class for a variety of applications.

1. Pressure relief valve

  • Pressure relief valve reduces pressure in the hose so it remains flexible when the trigger gun is closed
  • Pressure is built up slowly when pulling the trigger gun to prevent immediate impact on shoulder and cleaning surface
  • Protection from pressure spikes during operation

2.  Outstanding mobility

  • Large wheels and an optimum center of gravity makes transportation easy despite its size
  • Crane hook allows simple loading and unloading
  • Brakes guarantee safety during operation or transport

3 Intelligent features

  • Standard dry run protection of the pump with indicator light
  • Soft-start limits the current during startup preventing pump damage or tripping of circuit breakers
  • Large water filter ensures long service life of the pump

4. Ease of use

  • On-board storage for all accessories
  • Simple operation with one simple on/off dial


  • 4.775-824.0 Kärcher industry gun
  • 4.760-679.0 28" spray lance (up to 9,280 PSI)
  • 6.391-847.0 66' pressure hose (up to 8,990 PSI)
  • 5.765-263.0 Flat jet nozzle, 060

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