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Mi-T-M 24-0141 Pipe Nipple 3/8" M x 3"

Mi-T-M 24-0141 Pipe Nipple 3/8" M x 3"

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For Use With Mfr. Model Number: GH-1002-SM10, GH-1002-0M10, GH-1502-SM10, GH-1502-0M10, GH-2003-SM10, GH-2003-0M10, GH-2403-3MGH, GH-2504-SM10, GH-2504-SM30, GH-2504-0M10, GH-2504-0M30, GH-3004-SM10, GH-3004-SM30, GH-3004-0M10, GH-3004-0M30, GPH-2000-0M1I, GPH-2000-0M1R, GPH-2500-0M1I, GPH-2500-0M1R

For Use With Grainger Item Number: 3WB95, 3WB93, 2GXK5, 3WB94, 2GXK6, 3WB96, 3WE17, 2GXK7, 2GXK8, 3WB75, 3WB76, 2GXK9, 2GXL1, 1RM77, 1RM78, 4ZZ99, 3NXE3, 3WE18, 3NXE4


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