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Mi-T-M 3500 PSI @ 3.3 GPM Direct Drive 389cc Honda GX390 OHV AR Pump Hot Water Pressure Washer - (49-State)
Mi-T-M 3500 PSI @ 3.3 GPM Direct Drive 389cc Honda GX390 OHV AR Pump Hot Water Pressure Washer - (49-State)
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Mi-T-M 3500 PSI @ 3.3 GPM Direct Drive 389cc Honda GX390 OHV AR Pump Hot Water Pressure Washer - (49-State)

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HSP Series Gasoline Direct Drive - HSP-3504-3MGH

The Electro Magnetic Firing (EMF) system of the HSP Series, along with its unique burner design, makes this popular hot water pressure washer one of the most "in-demand" in the industry. It's a great solution for removing heavy mud from construction and ag equipment.

Pump: Preset stainless-steel and brass unloader valve · Forged brass manifold · Thermal relief valve · Low pressure detergent injector

Frame: Reinforced powder coated steel tube frame with center balanced lift · Convenient gun/wand holder and hose wrap · 13-inch flat-free tires

Components: Top-fired powder coated heat exchanger · No. 1 or No. 2 diesel or kerosene fired burner (Not approved for bio-fuel)

Miscellaneous: Temperature rise 150°F/66°C above ambient, maximum outlet temperature is 200°F

HSP Series EMF System

In 1999, Mi-T-M Corporation designed a unique ignition/firing system, called the Electro Magnetic Firing (EMF) System, which produces enough voltage for operation and proper burning of the HSP Series hot water pressure washers.
This system is designed with two sets of magnets that are used to produce electricity. The first set of magnets produce a low voltage of about 12 to 14-volts when passed by a coil known as a stator. This voltage is required for operation of the on/off switch, pressure and high limit switches and the fuel solenoid.
The second set of magnets pass by an ignition coil which produces a
high voltage in the tens of thousands of volts. The spark is generated across the electrode gap and is enough to create proper ignition of either No. 1 diesel, No. 2 diesel fuel or kerosene.

  1. Engine sheave, dual set screw mount, maintains proper alignment of pump shaft key.
  2. The belt tension sheave creates proper belt tension so fuel pump discharges fuel upon demand.
  3. The long lasting, non-corrosive flexible drive coupler protects EMF system if fuel pump locks up.
  4. Fuel pump is a durable high quality pump that will deliver No. 1 or No. 2 diesel fuel or kerosene.
  5. Stator coil/magnets are a low maintenance system that provides solenoid control voltage.
  6. Fan provides burner air for proper combustion and clean exhaust smoke. It has an easily accessible air flow control.
  7. Ignition coil provides voltage to electrodes for proper spark voltage, allowing accurate ignition of fuel every time the trigger is pulled. The ignition coil has a long life, is easily replaced and has a proven track record in the industry.


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