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MTM Hydro 42" Stainless Dual Lance w/ Chem Nozzle

MTM Hydro 42" Stainless Dual Lance w/ Chem Nozzle

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  • Grade: Prosumer
  • Inflow: 1/4" Threaded (Male)
  • Outflow: 1/4" Threaded (Female)

MTM Hydro 42-Inch Dual Lance

  • Separate pipes & nozzle sockets for high-low operation
  • Offers a thorough cleaning experience with extreme corrosion resistance

Italian Made Lance

  • Pre-installed chemical nozzle on the low side
  • Standard 1/4" Female NPT outlet on the high side

Side Handle Control

  • By turning the side handle, you open up the low side and automatically begin drawing chemical through your downstream injector

Stainless Steel Pipes

  • Preferred cleaning attachment for hot water applications
  • Apply chemical via low pressure and then cleaning with a pressurized stream while never having to turn the pressure washer off or change equipment

Fits Many Brands Of Pressure Washer

  • Accept Max - 4,100 PSI & Max - 10.5 GPM
  • 1/4" Male NPT Inlet x 1/4" Female NPT outlet and chemical nozzle
  • Spray gun sold separately

Works With Hot Or Cold Water Units

  • Accepts up to 300° F maximum water temperature


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