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MTM Hydro 5000 PSI Bottom Mount Pressure Gauge

MTM Hydro 5000 PSI Bottom Mount Pressure Gauge

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  • Grade: Professional
  • Style: Gas
  • Inflow: 1/4" Threaded (Male)

2.5" Pressure Gauge Measures Up To 5,000 PSI

  • Suitable for most brands and many models of pressure washer

Stainless Steel Case With 1/4" NPT Brass Fitting

  • Durable internal components for high-qualit performance
  • Easy to read, with clear markings per thousand PSI

Needs 3/8" Gauge QC Fitting With 1/4" NPT Port

  • Uses part number 24.0100 or 24.010 to attach to 3/8" QC hose
  • Sold separately

Also Calibrated For BAR Readings

  • Dial also reads out in BAR (European) gradations to 350 BAR

Glycerin Filled Gauge

  • Elimates vibration for accurate readings

Higher Pressure Rating

  • Captures pressure spikes more accurately


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