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MTM Veloci Replacement Pump Piston for GP 51040009 (1 PC)

MTM Veloci Replacement Pump Piston for GP 51040009 (1 PC)

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Veloci's Aftermarket Italian pump kits are designed and manufactured for precise fitment on AR Pumps. For your convenience, and ours, we have cross referenced OEM part numbers so that you can expedite your ordering of these replacement kits with descriptions you are familiar with. Veloci's Pump Kits have been meticulously produced and carefully selected for their quality craftsmanship and materials.

All included components are shown in image. If we do not currently carry the kit you are looking for, please let us know and we may be able to import it on the next shipment, if it is available.

Keep in mind, when replacing pump kits, you may be addressing the result of a completely different issue. When properly required and installed, these pump kits will last as long as OEM parts however, there could be a whole different reason for a pitted check valve or marred water seals. Be sure to thoroughly review supporting components of the pump and engine before replacing pump parts.

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