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Newstripe 10004832 One Gallon Cleanup Kit

Newstripe 10004832 One Gallon Cleanup Kit

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No More Pushing – Get more done with less fatigue. The simple friction drives pulls the striper over uneven surfaces and up inclines.

Easy To Use – The airless pump pulls the paint directly from any standard 5-gallon pail. A universal lid snaps on any pail to prevent spills. A single lever easily engages the drive, and relieves operator fatigue when striping long lines on paved areas or athletic fields.

Easy Cleanup – Color changes and clean up can be done in less than 5 minutes. Simply remove the pail with unused striping paint, place a half filled pail of water or solvent (depending on the paint) on the machine and flush the system. Run the liquid pump protector through the system, and your are ready for the next striping job.

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