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PIG™ Microbial Food Processing Oil Remediator

PIG™ Microbial Food Processing Oil Remediator

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Our stormwater-safe solution breaks down and eliminates animal and vegetable grease, oils, fats, lipids and starches, plus it will remediate hydrocarbons that may come from leaking equipment.

  • Gradually remove hydrocarbons as well as animal and vegetable grease, oils, fats, lipids and starches from non-food-contact surfaces within food processing environments
  • BioBreaker microbes digest hydrocarbons through bioremediation, naturally converting them into water and harmless gases
  • Stormwater-safe solution can enter storm drains without harming the environment
  • Easier than using cleaners and degreasers that cannot be allowed into waterways or groundwater systems — just check the SDS, Section 6, on competitor cleaners to see the warning!
  • Applies easily using a manual sprayer and light agitation or pressure washer; product is designed to work over time as a repeated application
  • Product is concentrated; dilute 15:1
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Style Remediator
Brand PIG
Intended Use Asphalt and Concrete Surfaces, Machinery
Temperature Limit Works from 42°F ( 5.5°C) to 120°F (49°C)
Treats Treats up to 7,425 sq. ft. or 2,365 2 ft. Dia. Stains in Single Application
Volume (2) 2.5 gal. Container
Color Clear/White
VOC Content VOC-Free
Sold as 2 per box
Weight 46 lbs.
# per Pallet 36
Composition Water 88-91%
Alkypolyglycoside 4-7%
Bacterial Cultures 4-6%
Shelf Life 2 years
UNSPSC 47131821
Pigalog® Page Number Page 183


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