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RDX 0325 2" NPT Inlet/Outlet 460v/3ph/60hz 325SCFM Airflow Refrigerated Cycling Dryer

RDX 0325 2" NPT Inlet/Outlet 460v/3ph/60hz 325SCFM Airflow Refrigerated Cycling Dryer

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RDX 0325 325 scfm, 460v/3ph/60hz, 2" NPT inlet/outlet

The advanced dual transfer technology in the cycling dryer allows it to automatically reduce its power consumption to meet the actual demand; saving you up to 80% over a traditional dryer.

Dryer demand is a function of both required air flow and ambient conditions. Unless both of these variables are at their maximums at the same time, there are energy savings to be had. The RDX dryers take advantage of this savings opportunity by significantly reducing power consumption to match actual demand.

Features & Benefits
• Dryers available with flow ratings from 20-325 SCFM
• Reliable drying and moisture separation ensures quality air is supplied to your system
• Accepts inlet air temps up to 158°F and inlet pressures up to 232 PSI
• Maximum ambient temperature: 110°F - 122°F depending on refrigerant
• Compact design and easy set-up minimizes installation time and floor space needed

1. Hot, moist compressed air enters the separate air to air heat exchanger where it is pre-cooled
2. Pre-cooled compressed air then enters the air to refrigerant evaporator where it reaches its coldest point and achieves its lowest dew point
3. Condensed moisture is removed by an integrated moisture separator and condensate drain prior to reentering the air to air heat exchanger where incoming hot air reheats the exiting cold compressed air
4. The refrigerant comes into direct contact with both the silica dry mass and compressed air inside the air to refrigerant evaporator
5. If demand drops and compressed air flow rate is reduced, the refrigerant compressor cycles off and the silica dry mass is employed to continue drying the air. THIS is dual transfer technology


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