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RNF-2Y Simple Fan Nozzle/Amplifier - Yellow

RNF-2Y Simple Fan Nozzle/Amplifier - Yellow

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RNF-2Y Air Amplifier/Fan Nozzle - Yellow

Grouping of fan nozzle/air amplifiers shown with many options and two colors (Blue/Yellow):

- ¼" simple fan nozzle/amplifier (RNF-2B/RNF-2Y)
- ¼" fan nozzle/Amplifier with brass plug (RNF-2BP/RNF-2YP)
- ¼" fan nozzle/amplifier with brass plug and cheater valve (RNF-2BCP/RNF-2YCP)

Perfect for air blow off in booths:
- blow off waterborne base coats for faster re-coat or top coat applications
- allows for faster flash times


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