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Roman Carbide DC2032 - 1/2" Rabbeting 3/4" Bore

Roman Carbide DC2032 - 1/2" Rabbeting 3/4" Bore

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DC2032 1/2" Rabbeting Shaper Cutter 3/4" Bore

Achieve rabbet cuts using a durable and precise rabbeting bit.

Used to make rabbet or slot cuts for inserting panels or glass into framework, the DC2032 industrial-quality shaper cutter has been manufactured with 3mm thick, C-2 carbide.

The cutter can be used on woods, wood composites, plywood, and some plastics at 7,000 R.P.M.

Made in an ISO 9001 factory


  • Cutter diameter: 2-5/8"
  • Cutting length: 1/2"
  • Cutter speed: 7,000 RPM
  • Bore: 3/4"


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