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SP-7XEF 7,000 Lb. Capacity  Scissors  Frame Engaging  Flush Mount

SP-7XEF 7,000 Lb. Capacity Scissors Frame Engaging Flush Mount

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The Full-Rise, Flush-Mount Scissor Lift

Introducing the SP-7XE Series Lift, a comprehensive system designed to elevate your automotive maintenance experience. Engineered with precision components and innovative features, this series is geared towards efficiency, safety, and adaptability.

Console and Power Unit

At the heart of this system lies the Console, housing controls for the lift and Power Unit, which generates hydraulic pressure to maneuver the Hydraulic Cylinders, raising the sturdy Platforms. Seamlessly connect hydraulic hoses and air lines within the Console for a streamlined operation.

Essential Components

From Hose Covers ensuring protection to Drive-up Ramps facilitating easy access, each component serves a crucial purpose. The Hinged Section allows effortless elevation while the Fixed Section remains steadfast, ensuring stability during operation.

Robust Platforms and Accessories

Crafted from flat steel plates, the Platforms form the base for lifting vehicles. Ramp Extensions and Lift Pads further enhance versatility, accommodating various wheelbases and securely engaging vehicle lifting points.

Foundational Elements

The Bases provide structural integrity, housing essential elements such as Scissor Legs, Hydraulic and Air Cylinders, and Safety Locks. Bolted securely using Anchor Bolts, these form the foundation of stability for the entire lift.

Safety Features

Embedded Safety Locks are the backbone of security, offering multiple locking positions and ensuring platforms remain steadfast even in the event of power loss or hydraulic failure. Lift Pads with rubber contact points prioritize vehicle and user safety during lifting operations.

Performance Insights

Capable of lifting vehicles up to 7,000 pounds, the SP-7XE/F stands as a pinnacle in its class, achieving almost six feet of elevation. The "frame-engaging" feature prioritizes frame contact over wheels, while a myriad of safety measures ensures user confidence and operational security.

Installation and Usage Guidelines

The SP-7XE/F is designed for indoor use and not suitable for outdoor installation. However, its adaptable design allows flexibility in Console positioning, accommodating various workshop layouts.

Additional Enhancements

For tailored requirements, optional attachments like the Lift Arm Kit expand functionality, enabling compatibility with a wider range of vehicle sizes. Note: Usage beyond specified weight capacities, improper operation, or working without engaging the Safety Locks can compromise safety and warranty terms. Elevate your automotive servicing efficiency with the SP-7XE Series Lift, an amalgamation of robust engineering, safety features, and adaptability to meet the demands of modern workshops.

Specifications SP-7XEF
  • 7,000-lb. lifting capacity
  • Pneumatic safety locks
  • Hardened pivot pins with "Zerk" fittings
  • Open-center design
  • Ergonomic controls
  • Dual-cylinder hydraulic design provides extra power
  • Low-profile
Lifting capacity:
7,000 lbs. (3,175 kg)
Max height raised:
70.5" (1,791 mm)
Single platform length:
62.5" (1,590 mm)
Single platform width:
21.75" (550 mm)
Extended Platform length:
74" (1,880 mm)
Overall length:
106" (2,692 mm)
Distance between Platforms:
38" (968 mm)
Lowered lift height:
Flush with concrete
Lifting time:
45 seconds
208-240 VAC / 50-60 Hz / 1Ph
Shipping weight:
2,272 lbs. (1,031 kg)
Shipping dimensions:
108'' x 27'' x 35'' (2,744 mm x 686 mm x 889 mm)
Lowest Lock:
24.5" (622.3 mm)
Top Lock:
69.75" (1,771.65)

WARNING: California Prop 65


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