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STEALTH 3250B Coalescing Filter w/ Regulator & Manifold

STEALTH 3250B Coalescing Filter w/ Regulator & Manifold

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STEALTH 3250B Coalescing Filter with Reg & Manifold

Features & Benefits

  • Quick disconnect clamp ring design
  • 0.01 micron at 99.99998% efficiency
  • Equipped with brass petcock manual drain
  • Unit comes with a BK-1 bracket and BV-051 ball valve
  • 0-100 PSI oversized gauge with glass face for quick, easy reading, and MA500-4 multiport manifold with quick disconnects
  • Cleaner compressed air with no oil to your applications
  • ½" high flow regulator/gauge
Max. Operating Temp 125ºF
Replacement Element 3C-060
Height 15.00"
Length 15.75"
Depth 3.75"
Weight  8 lbs


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