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Steelex Plus D4512 - 15/64" HSS Brad Point Bit

Steelex Plus D4512 - 15/64" HSS Brad Point Bit

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D4512 15/64" HSS Brad Point Bit

Just the replacement pointed drill bit you need.

The D4512 15/64" HSS Brad Point Bit was designed with a center pin or “Brad Point” to keep the bit from wandering.

Brad point bits drill straight, clean holes in wood far better than standard twist bits.

They can also be used to drill through plastics, but are not for drilling through metal.

The D4512 is made from HSS or high-speed steel and has been heat treated for hardness and wear resistance.

This allows the drill bit to keep a sharp edge longer than other carbon steels.

Order just the size you need for that special project or replace lost or broken bits from sets.


  • Material: High Speed Steel
  • Overall measurements: 15/64" diameter x 3-7/8" long


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