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Titan Hopper Assembly
Titan Hopper Assembly
Titan Hopper Assembly
Titan Hopper Assembly

Titan Hopper Assembly

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Have you ever wished you had a smaller hopper than the normal 5 gallon bucket or even the bulky 12 gallon hopper accessory used on the PowrLiner stripers? Now you can get one for select units!

The hopper will fit the Titan electric airless Elite 3000 paint sprayer, gas powered airless Elite 3500 paint sprayer and the PowrLiner 3500 line striper.

Titan has engineered a 1.3 US gallon (5 Liter) hopper that is perfect for line striping professionals who want an easy way to switch small amounts of paint on the fly with little cleanup.

Included is a snap-on lid that stays in place, along with a hard plastic pump return hose that is custom fitted for the hopper. You also get a removeable stainless steel filter screen at the hopper opening to help reduce any unwanted trash that might be in the paint.

Titan knew these needed to hold up to the abuse of the everyday line striping professionals so they made sure to engineer it with a threaded metal neck to ensure you won't ever worry about stripping plastic threads.

Another great benefit is the direct feed instead of the suction or syphon feed you get with larger containers. Gravity and minimal suction efforts of the pump will quickly feed paint directly into the pump.

The hopper also includes markings on one side of the hopper to give an idea of how many Liters are available between 1 and 5. (It was designed in Europe, so it stands by the metric measurement system)


Great for Small / temp jobs

  • Marks up to 25 (18’ x 4”) lines
  • Perfect for temporary striping needs

Great for small stenciling applications (E.g. Spraying Handicap Stencils)

  • Quick color change
  • Faster clean up
  • Red/blue/off color jobs

Direct feed vs. Siphon feed

Increased PSI for viscous coatings

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