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Titan 450-100A Adjustable and Flat Tip Guard

Titan 450-100A Adjustable and Flat Tip Guard

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The Titan 450-100A is a tip guard for your airless paint sprayer gun.  It helps prevent fluid injection injuries.  It works with the majority of airless paint sprayer guns. It is used with airless spray guns of up to 5000 PSI. It is well designed for a variety of airless sprayers and comes standard with many of Titan's Airless Spray Guns.



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A Complete Guide to Airless Paint Sprayer Safety

Airless paint sprayers provide so many benefits like faster production and the ability to spray heavy bodied coatings.  Depending on your spray application you may have to use them in order to be able to properly apply your coating.  If you will be using an airless paint sprayer you want to ensure you remain safe.  Improper use of an airless paint sprayer can result in a lot of problems including fluid injection, respiratory risks, or explosion risk.  By following proper safety concepts you can reduce the potential risk when using airless paint sprayers.

Preventing fluid injection

Fluid injection is caused by the high pressure  fluid piercing your skin.  Fluid injection can be extremely dangerous and requires immediate medical treatment.

  • Airless paint sprayers by Graco or Titan come with a tip guard. The tip guard helps to reduce the chance that you get your hand to close to the fluid stream and get an injection injury.
  • In addition to a tip guard airless sprayers also have a trigger safety. You should always ensure your airless sprayer trigger is properly working and you use it appropriately.
  • You should treat the airless spray gun like a dangerous tool and not point it toward anyone at any time.
  • Whenever you are done spraying, need to change a tip, clean, or perform maintenance on the machine you should relieve pressure from the airless paint sprayer. To relieve pressure you turn the sprayer off or turn off air being supplied to the airless sprayer, you then open the dump valve, and trigger the gun while pointing away from anyone.
  • Follow the manufacturers recommendations when flushing the airless sprayer
  • If you notice any leaks in your airless hose, connections, or in the unit itself you should depressurize the unit following the recommendation above and fix the issue. NEVER TRY TO PERFORM MAINTENANCE WITH THE UNIT UNDER PRESSURE.




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