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Tractel Elastrac® Harness – FMT95 Series
Tractel Elastrac® Harness – FMT95 Series
Tractel Elastrac® Harness – FMT95 Series
Tractel Elastrac® Harness – FMT95 Series
Tractel Elastrac® Harness – FMT95 Series

Tractel Elastrac® Harness – FMT95 Series

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The latest innovation from Tractel®, the elastrac® line of harnesses, combines flexibility, mobility and durability into the industries most comfortable allpurpose harness. The key to the elastrac®’s superior fit and comfort is in the dual elaspac design. The first of its kind, the elaspac controls excessive stretch of similar harness styles, which can lead to increased fall distances, by limiting the allowable stretch to a maximum of two inches, yet giving the user the mobility and flexibility to move and stretch while working, reducing worker fatigue of a long work day. 

Another key design element is the unique leg/seat support system of the elastrac® harness. This innovative leg strap moves independently from the seat support allowing complete freedom of mobility and flexibility while walking, bending or climbing. The leg/seat support system removes the binding leg straps of traditional harness and moves the leg strap lower down the leg to allow unrestricted movement without tugging or pulling in the thigh area. Adding other popular industry features such as auto buckles, fall indicators, label cover and leg pads along with tool belt and back pad, the elastrac® harness is truly the most durable, comfortable and user friendly harness ever produced.


  • High-tenacity polyester webbing
  • Lock-stitched with #138 polyester and #207 polyester
  • Back, sternal, and side D-rings
  • Quick-connect buckle
  • Sliding bar adjuster
  • tracx pad
  • Tool belt


  • Dual elaspac provides ±2 in. (±5 cm) extension for incomparable comfort and mobility  
  • Non-stretch webbing giving extensive durability to harness 
  • tracx pad: X-style breathable mesh shoulder and back pad  
  • Dual break-away lanyard keepers  
  • Construction style waist pad with removable tool belt   
  • Five-point adjustment  
  • Dual adjustment strap retention system    
  • Dual impact / inspection indicators


  • Industrial fall arrest  
  • Work positioning  
  • Wind industry  
  • Construction  
  • Tower climbing  
  • Industrial rigging


  • CSA Z259.10-12  
  • ANSI Z359.1-2007
  • ANSI Z359.11-2014
  • ANSI A10.32-2012  
  • OSHA 1926
  • OSHA 1910


  • Small: FMT95S  
  • Medium: FMT95M  
  • Large: FMT95L  
  • X-large: FMT95XL  
  • XX-large: FMT95XXL


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