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TRINCO™ Model 42×24 Split Level with BP Dust Collector (1587700105251)

TRINCO™ Model 42×24 Split Level with BP Dust Collector

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42”W x 24”D x 24”H

Designed for intermittent blasting operations. The Trinco™ BP Dust Collector vacuums the dust and contamination from the cabinet. Media is recycled from the gun system to the hopper and back to the gun system.

  • Ruggedly built of 14 Gauge welded steel
  • Double floor – 1/8” Expandex steel plus Carbon screen
  • TRINCO™ Tungsten carbide nozzle
  • TRINCO™ safety enclosed floor valve blasting control
  • TRINCO™ fluorescent lighting to eliminate shadows and minimize energy usage
  • TRINCO™ large 12”x24” safety glass window for excellent visibility and increased operator efficiency
  • Air pressure regulator and gauge
  • Hopper trap door for easy media changes
  • TRINCO™ easy change window frames
  • TRINCO™ heavyweight rubber gloves
  • Neoprene gloves optional”
  • ALL MODELS available in 42×30 Split Level


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