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Trinco Model 48 x 48 SL-PC Direct Pressure Cabinet

Trinco Model 48 x 48 SL-PC Direct Pressure Cabinet

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A TrincoTM direct pressure cabinet utilizes an A.S.M.E. coded pressure pot to hold abrasive media. When the foot pedal control is depressed, air pressure is released into the pressure pot, pressurizing the pot and then forcing the media from the pot through the blasting hose to the nozzle.
Most TrincoTM pressure blast cleaning is done at 40-60 PSI. Due to these lower pressures, abrasive media breakdown is greatly reduced even though a high volume of media is being directed at the part to be cleaned. Most of the media is recovered through the recycling process.
TrincoTM Direct pressure blast cleaning is ideal for the very tough jobs, for applications where large surfaces must be cleaned quickly, for production blast cleaning or when the job requires the use of heavy mesh sizes of silicon carbide, aluminum oxide, garnet, etc.
Other popular medias that are used in TrincoTM pressure cabinets are glass beads, Trin-mixesTM, Rad-mix, and plastic blast cleaning media.

Equipment Features

  • Trinco Abrasive separator is constructed of 10 gauge welded steel for durability and is tuneable for different media
  • Trinco Cabinet is constructed of 14 gauge welded steel.
  • ASME Coded pressure vessel with easy access clean out port, automatic sealing plunger, and pneumatic vibrator
  • ¾” Piping and heavy duty mixing valve
  • 30 – 120 PSI pressure range
  • Abrasive capacity – 100 Lbs standard
  • Trinco Vibrating particle screen in abrasive separator


  • Trinco Fluorescent lighting
  • Airline water filter
  • Pressure regulator and gauge
  • Neoprene blast gloves
  • Trinco Safety enclosed foot pedal
  • Trinco ½” ID heavy duty blast hose
  • Trinco Tungsten carbide nozzle
  • Trinco ¼” ID nozzle standard, 1/8”, 3/16” and 5/16” optional
  • Standard Counter Balance

  • 850 CFM Abrasive Separator and Pull-Through Dust Collector with 30 tubular filter bags

Specifications: Dust Collector

  • TrincoTM Pull through type dust collector with motor and impeller on “clean air side”
  • Includes 30 TrincoTM Tubular filter bags (145 Sq ft. surface area)
  • Trinco manual bag shaker

Abrasive Separator:

  • Rated 850 CFM
  • Motor: 2HP
  • 3450 R.P.M.
  • 230V, 1 Phase, 60 HZ

Inside Dimensions:

  • DEPTH: 48”
  • WIDTH: 48”
  • HEIGHT: 31”

Overall Dimensions:

  • DEPTH: 74”
  • WIDTH: 52” HEIGHT: 71”

Door Openings:

  • SIDE DOOR: 20”x 36”
  • FLIP TOP: 48”x 48”
  • DUST COLLECTOR: 100”x 77”

*Note: This unit is designed to handle most standard media Please specify type and size of media when ordering


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