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TriTech Industries T4 Complete 3300 PSI @0.57 GPM Single Phase Electric  Airless Sprayer - Hi-Cart

TriTech Industries T4 Complete 3300 PSI @0.57 GPM Single Phase Electric Airless Sprayer - Hi-Cart

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T4 High-Cart 120V Complete

The Tritech T4 is designed and manufactured at Tritech's state of the art machining facility in Union, New Jersey. Innovations in design utilizing high quality unique materials and efficient manufacturing process result in a precision built airless sprayer and accessories that last longer than any other unit in their class.

This T4 Sprayer includes the following:

  • TriTech T360 Contractor gun
  • TriTech Contractor 517 tip
  • TriTech Contractor guard
  • ToughFlow 1/4” x 50ft. textile braided hose assembly

Product Features: 

  • Precision Motor Control PMC
  • Balanced fluid Manifold
  • No pulsation delivery of paint at any pressure setting
  • No cylinder to wear out.
  • Light weight, easy to carry.
  • Professional Airless Sprayer
  • All metal construction.
  • Available on a stand or Hi/Lo carts or stand with a hopper
  • Redesigned electronics


Airless Sprayer Protector
TriTector airless spray system barrier is chemically engineered with POWER3 to clean, lubricate and protect your spray system. It gives you the power you need to extend the life of your system against the harsh agents in today’s latex coatings as well as solvent based coatings. The POWER3 formula keeps foreign materials in suspension in between uses – ready to flush out quickly before your next job.

TriTector is a water-based product, so fire hazards during clean-up are eliminated and you don’t have to be concerned about disposal problems associated with solvent-based products on the market.

TriTector’s POWER3 formula provides the same benefits for other water-based pumping systems including pressure washers, chemical sprayers, liquid sand blast machines and water based material applicators.

Airless Sprayer Lubricant
TriLube airless spray system lubricant is chemically engineered to lubricate, protect and clean your spray system. It dissolves material on displacement rods and reduces premature wear on cylinders, rods, packings and seals from dried pigment particles.

TriLube’s POWER3 formula mixes readily with solvents and thinners, evaporates slowly and is flame resistant. Other oils are NOT SUBSTITUTES for TriLube.

Portable Pumps: Fill wet cup 1/2 full so that TriLube can be wiped out if unit is to be tipped during use and transportation.
Fixed Pumps: Fill wet cup 2/3 full. Remove TriLube only if saturated and thick with material pumped past the seals.

TriLube should not be used in pumps with rubber packings, in-line oilers or air motors. Test for compatibility with all coatings.


Airless spray equipment is an important tool for the professional painter. But as with any tool, following safety guidelines is part of knowing how to use it. Be sure that you and all members of your crew that will HAVE ANY CONTACT AT ALL with a paint sprayer understand and follow safety and operating instructions.

High pressure fluid from spray or leaks can penetrate the skin. If not promptly and properly treated, the injury can cause permanent disability or amputation. If you are injected, see a physician immediately. Do not treat as a simple cut.

Always use a tip safety guard for added protection against injection. The tip guard provides protection against injection, but does not prevent it. Never cut off tip guard! Always engage gun safety lock when the gun is not in operation. Before servicing unit, consult owners manual and observe all warnings.

Never attempt to install, change or clean tip or safety guard without first doing the following:

Set trigger safety in a locked position.
Shut off sprayer and in addition, unplug electrical cord or air supply.
Release fluid pressure from the entire system, from pump to spray gun tip.
If you have been injected or injured – or even think you have been.


  • Go to the nearest emergency room or medical center IMMEDIATELY.
  • Inform the physician and all medical staff that you suspect a high pressure injection injury.
  • Provide the medical information below and any medical information provided with your equipment to the medical staff and physician.
  • Provide as much detail as possible regarding the paint(s) or coating(s) involved in your injury.

Injection in the skin is a serious traumatic injury. IT IS IMPORTANT TO TREAT THE INJURY SURGICALLY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Do not delay treatment to research toxicity. Toxicity is a concern with some exotic coatings injected directly into the bloodstream.

Consultation with a plastic surgeon or a reconstructive hand surgeon may be advisable.

The seriousness of the wound depends on where the injury is on the body, whether the substance hit something on its way in and deflected causing more damage, and many other variables including skin microflora residing in the paint or gun which are blasted into the wound. If the injected paint contains acrylic latex and titanium dioxide that damage the tissue’s resistance to infection, bacterial growth will flourish. The treatment that physicians recommend for an injection injury to the hand includes immediate decompression of the closed vascular compartments of the hand to release the underlying tissue distended by the injected paint, judicious wound debridement, and immediate antibiotic treatment.

Technical Specification
Item  Airless Paint Sprayer
Operating Pressure 3300 PSI
Width 21"
TriTech T360 Contractor gun, TriTech Contractor 517 tip, TriTech Contractor guard, ToughFlow 1/4” x 50ft. textile braided hose assembly
Flow Rate 0.57 gpm
Hose Length 50 ft.
Length 21"
Max. Hose Length 75 ft.
Tip Size Include 0.017"
HP 1.1
Style High-Cart
Guns Supported 1
Voltage 110 VAC
Height 35"
Amps AC 10
Max. Tip Size 0.023"
Power Requirements
 110V units required 100-120VAC 50/60Hz. 12A, 1 phase


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