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Wagner FLEXIO 2000 Sprayer
Wagner FLEXIO 2000 Sprayer
Wagner FLEXIO 2000 Sprayer
Wagner FLEXIO 2000 Sprayer
Wagner FLEXIO 2000 Sprayer
Wagner FLEXIO 2000 Sprayer
Wagner FLEXIO 2000 Sprayer
Wagner FLEXIO 2000 Sprayer
Wagner FLEXIO 2000 Sprayer
Wagner FLEXIO 2000 Sprayer
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Wagner FLEXIO 2000 Sprayer

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The Wagner FLEXiO 2000 DIY sprayer, has 2 speeds and can paint a wall 8 times faster than a brush, saving time and effort on big surface projects like walls, exterior siding, and fences.

The new nozzle design delivers an improved spray pattern and adjustable control with less mess and overspray.

The FLEXiO 2000 has the flexibility to spray indoors and outdoor with the power to spray unthinned paint and stains with full coverage. Cleaning is faster than a brush or roller with just a few removable parts that separate and rinse clean.

Covers an 8’x10’ surface in minutes:
-Stain: 2 minutes
-Latex: 6 minutes

  • X-Boost® Power Dial - 2 settings for thin and thick materials
  • iSpray® Nozzle - For walls and siding
  • 1 ½ quart cup covers up to a 10’ by 12’ wall in one fill
  • Precise adjustments for various coatings and projects
  • Lock-n-Go® split gun design for quick cleaning
  • Cleans up in 5 minutes - just five parts to rinse off


  • Spray disinfectants in mist form
  • Creates a complete coating over surfaces
  • Can be used in a variety of applications
  • Sprayers for small, medium and large surfaces
  • Follow below guidelines for applications and use

The Wagner Group is a global expert in spraying surface coatings. Our mission: We bring color, protection and function to surfaces. With our sprayers, the most common disinfectants can be applied quickly and easily over large areas. This application contributes to the reduction of spreading viruses.

The following liquid disinfectants, including virucidal solutions can be applied with sprayers.

Alcohol based

  • Aldehydes
  • Biguarides
  • Diamidines
  • Peroxygens
  • Phenolics
  • Quaternary ammonium
  • Halogen-releasing compounds


  • Locker rooms, bathroom and other sanitary facilities
  • Office spaces
  • Restaurants and food preparation area
  • Public transportation
  • Public amenities, entryways and public spaces
  • Areas and surfaces in daily use

Please observe the following safety instructions before use:

  • Always wear the necessary personal protective equipment
  • Never point the fluid stream at people or animals–there is a risk of injury
  • Thoroughly read the operating instructions of the machine as well as the safety data sheet of the material and follow the instructions contained in the safety data sheet of the materials manufacturers instructions
  • Do not spray any electrical devices and equipment
  • When using flammable liquids, the sprayer base should be placed outside the room only the hose and gun should be in spraying area
  • If flammable disinfectants are used, sufficient ventilation must be ensured. Furthermore, no warm or hot surfaces are to be disinfected. If possible, electrical systems should be switched off and light switch operations prevented. There is a risk of explosion!


  • Keep sprayer moving to apply full coating on surfaces without causing disinfectant to run or pool
  • Follow disinfectant instructions for coverage and contact time on the surface
  • For FLEXiO sprayers: Use maximum air setting with low material setting
  • For airless sprayers: Set pressure to 1000-1500 PSI (Control Pro Setting 4) and use 513 or 515 spray tip


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