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Wagner Liquid TwinControl 5-60 ABS Ex GR M

Wagner Liquid TwinControl 5-60 ABS Ex GR M

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TwinControl 5-60 Electronic mixing and dosing system

Electronic 2K mixing system for AirCoat applications up to 270 bar. Including flushing pump and fully automatic flushing process. Second color
can be retrofitted with extension set

TwinControl is perfect even for critical applications such as abrasive materials, reactive paints, high viscosity materials and high delivery rates. The special software prevents off-ratio spraying and controls all working parameters to ensure a consistent and precise mixing quality

Fast Atomization

  • No reworks or rejects due to off-ratio spraying
  • No mixed material left unused. Mix only what is required
  • Reduction in time for manual cleaning and mixing procedures
  • Increase in productivity
  • Substantial reduction in paint waste and solvent consumption
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Material consumption monitoring

Main functions

  • Real time mixing control with off-ratio alarm
  • Pot-life monitoring with alarm
  • Automatic flushing process
  • Real time delivery rate display
  • Mixing accuracy display
  • Material consumption monitoring
  • Pump diagnosis system: pre-alarm and alarm in case of pump malfunction
  • Gun Flush Box connection optional

Application Areas

  • Trucks, buses and other commercial vehicles
  • Protective coatings
  • Agriculture, construction and earth moving vehicles
  • Metal industry
  • Rail cars
  • Wind turbines
  • Wood industry
  • Plastic industry

Processable materials

  • 2K water-based primer
  • 2K solvent-based primer
  • 2K PUR primer
  • 2K PUR paints
  • 2K epoxy primer
  • 2K epoxy paints
  • 2K high solid primer
  • 2K high solid paints

Material wetted parts

  • Tungsten carbide
  • Stainless steel
  • Hard chrome
  • Packing PE-T / PE-TG

Ordering information

  • Please order suction hoses separately.
  • Freely configurable system with the TwinControl finishing configurator.
  • A wide range of choices, for example a gun flush box, external mixer, or remote control.


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