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Wagner SPRINT 60L Manual Powder Coating Unit (Fitted for Hoppers)
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Wagner SPRINT 60L Manual Powder Coating Unit (Fitted for Hoppers)

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Manual Unit SPRINT 60L XE USA without Hopper

The Sprint 60L is used to fluidize the powder in a 60 liter stainless steel tank. All coating parameters are set and saved using the control unit EPG-Sprint X . In combination with the PEM-X 1, perfect surfaces are achieved.

NOTE: This unit does not include the 60 Liter stainless steel hopper. You can purchase that here: 264268 | 60 Liter Stainless Powder Hopper

  • Corona manual gun with an air-flushed high-performance cascade
  • Constant and reliable coating performance
  • Fully fluidized stainless steel container
  • Optimal powder preparation for high quality requirements
  • Clear and user-friendly operating interface
  • For quickly and easily adjusting the coating parameters
  • Up to 50 coating recipes can be saved
  • Ideal for many color and object changes

**Old part# 2329491


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