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WIWA Series 134 54:1 6264 PSI WIWA Vulkan Extrusion Pump - Stainless Version w/ 3/4T Ram Mounted

WIWA Series 134 54:1 6264 PSI WIWA Vulkan Extrusion Pump - Stainless Version w/ 3/4T Ram Mounted

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VULKAN – the tried and tested WIWA extrusion pumps for transfer, metering and application of adhesives, insulating materials and sealants

The WIWA VULKAN range of shovel-type piston pumps covers a total of 19 pumps with outputs and pressure ratios in five performance classes and is thus one of the most extensive series worldwide.

The pumps have an output per double stroke of up to 680 ccm and pressure ratios from 13:1 to 94:1.

The pumps are complemented by a comprehensive range of accessories, including for example floor mounts, single-post and twin-post ram units in various sizes, follow plates and follow covers in numerous sizes and versions as well as heating elements and other accessory kits. With these accessories, WIWA is able to implement a wide range of special solutions to meet a wide range of customer requirements.

Extrusion pumps for low to high-viscosity and pasty materials
Supplying work stations, robots and other application systems or ring mains with multiple dispensing stations are typical uses for the VULKAN extrusion pump series. Depending on the viscosity of the transferred medium, the extrusion= pumps can be outfitted with WIWA ram units or twin-post lifts and follow plates or follow covers.

A constant flow of material is assured through large material passages and the equal pressure and output in the upward and downward strokes. Due to the robust and sturdy design, the pumps of the
VULKAN series have thoroughly proven themselves in difficult tasks such as pumping high-viscosity materials over long distances.

Further uses include filling of drums, cartridges or other original containers.

With the modern design featuring the proven WIWA modular system, and the extensive range of accessories, it is possible to offer the optimal and most economical solution for each area of application.

Air motor
● Design optimized to provide extremly high change over speed
● Easy to disassemble and assemble due to the use of fewer components

Material pump
● Large diameter material passages for high output and less pressure loss even with high-viscosity materials
● The shovel-feed technique enables the pumping of low to extremely high-viscosity materials
● Precision guiding ensures simple and exact alignment of parts, as well as less wear and tear
● Seals in the threaded connections prevent them form sticking and ease disassembly
● Carbon steel and stainless versions
● Hardchromed pistons and pressure cylinder

● Maintenance-free, low-noise air motor
● A closed chamber with release agent separates the air motor and material pump.
● This prevents caking of the material on the piston rods and protects the packing due to its lubricating effect.
● Minimal pulsation due to rapid changeover speed
● High operating pressures also make it ideally suited to pumping high-viscosity materials over longer distances
● Equal output and pressure for upward and downward strokes ensures constant material flow rate
● Diverse sealing systems and materials for differing applications


  • Automobile industry
  • Machine manufacturer
  • Railcar manufacture
  • Aircraft industry
  • Marine and offshore industry
  • Wind tower production
  • Wood and furniture industry
  • Printing
  • Window and door manufacture
  • Manufacture of silicon products
  • Chemical industry
  • Processing adhesives and polyurethanes
  • Oil and grease transfer systems
  • Application of undercoating
  • Spray and coating technology
  • Paint manufacture
  • Transfer of liquid raw materials
  • Cartridge filling systems


  • Sealants
  • Mastics
  • Silicones
  • Urethanes
  • Epoxies
  • Acrylics
  • Adhesives
  • Printing inks
  • Grease and lubricants
  • Pasty coatings

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