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WIWA Series 600 600.12 12:1 1218 PSI Low Pressure Pump - SS Short Version

WIWA Series 600 600.12 12:1 1218 PSI Low Pressure Pump - SS Short Version

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These new low pressure pumps still use the well proven WIWA compressed air motors. The transfer pumps differ from their predecessors by the following features: Revolving piston gland packing with four V-sleeves, easy assembly and disassembly, low weight, the piston is simply hooked in, as with the Airless paint spraying units.

Fields of Application

• Paint supply
• Conventional spraying systems
• Paint circulation systems and filling stations in industry and craft trade

The application possibilities for WIWA low pressure pumps are so manifold, that we will always be available for you to advice you down to the last detail.

Plumped material

Lacquers and paints, water varnishes, solvents, oils, greases, separating agents, scouring agents, glues, plastisols, sealing compounds, bitumen, epoxy materials, underseals, roof coating and insulating materials, noise proofing material and other highly viscous materials with a high solids content.

Series Series 600
Unit Type
Version RS = rust and acid proof version - short
Pressure ratio 12:1
Max. air inlet pressure 116 PSI
Max. operating pressure 1218 PSI
 Output per cycle 12 fl.oz
Output @ 60 cycles 5.9 gal
Dimension (approx) inches 123.62 x 433.46

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