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Airless Paint Sprayer Extensions- A Guide

When are Airless Paint Sprayer Extensions helpful

A lot of times when you’re spraying you have to reach areas that are just slightly taller than you can reach comfortably. The problem is, that this often requires you to go get a ladder which will cost you time, especially if you have a lot of this work in your daily painting. To be able to paint these just out of reach areas without the need for getting a ladder or additional equipment, and airless sprayer extension can often be ideal. The airless paint sprayer extension will help you to paint more at a faster rate which will ultimately help improve your business. To ensure that the airless extension will effectively meet your spraying requirements, you should consider a variety of factors. In this article, we will cover the variables to consider when choosing and airless sprayer extension.

Variable One-The surface you will be spraying

A bare-bones airless extension like this one that we offer from Titan, will allow you to use your current airless paint sprayer’s head and tip. However, you will be limited to spraying in a single direction, because you will not be able to adjust the end of the extension to be able to spray at different angles. If you are simply trying to paint a vertical wall and need additional height, then a basic airless extension may be the perfect solution for you. However, if you need to be able to reach over an edge above your head or into an area that you cannot directly see, you want to consider upgrading your basic airless extension with a swivel head attachment. The swivel head attachment will allow you to spray in a variety of directions, which will allow for painting areas you can’t see that are just out of reach.

Variable two – The finish you need with your Airless Spray Application

In addition to challenges you may need to overcome in relation to the location of the area that your spraying that is out of the reach, you want to consider the finish quality that you will need to achieve as well. A basic airless extension will oftentimes have issues with drips because as you release the trigger fluid will flow away from the head, which when the trigger is pulled again, there may be a momentary lapse in paint delivery causing a potential drip. If you’re finished does not have to be perfect because you’re not applying the coating for appearance purposes, then this should not be a concern. However, if you need the finish to be a high-quality, you want to consider adding a non spit valve on to your airless extension like this one from Titan. An airless extension non spit valve, will force fluid to remain at the tip of the airless spray gun, which will help to reduce/eliminate drips. Reducing any issues with drips, will help yield the best finish possible. If you need an even finer finish than a typical airless will supply, you may want to consider using a fine finish tip. A fine finish tip results in greater atomization of your coating with your airless paint sprayer, which will also contribute to a better appearing finish.

Variable three-How far out of reach the areas are your painting

A final decision you will make when considering an airless sprayer extension is the length of the extension. Typical links offered include three and six foot lengths. The benefit of the longer extensions is a greater height that you are able to spray, but the greater length it will make it harder to properly control the extension. Shorter extensions will not allow for paint as high of areas but allow you to maintain similar control to your handheld airless spray gun. Additionally, you will typically be able to better see how the finish is looking with a shorter extension.


If you paint just out of reach areas routinely that cause you to have to slow down your painting production an airless sprayer extension could be just right for you.  By considering the height you need to paint above your reach, the surfaces you will be painting, and the finish quality you need you can make a better choice about an airless extension that is right for you.

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