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Airless Sprayer Price Differences and Why They Exist

If you are considering purchasing an airless sprayer you may be evaluating between selecting a budget sprayer that may cost $200 or a commercial sprayer that start around $1000 or more. Both sprayers can be a great option, this guide will help you understand the difference between a low price, lighter duty airless sprayer, and a higher priced more commercial contractor airless sprayer so that you can better decide which is best for your airless painting needs.

Budget vs Commercial Airless Sprayers 1st Difference – Packings

One of the first differences between a budget airless and a more commercial duty airless sprayer is the number of packings that each sprayer will have. Airless sprayers have a fluid section that consists of a rod that travels through packings within the fluid section. Packings act to ensure that the airless sprayer maintains consistent pressure during spraying and they also act to ensure that paint continues to be isolated within the fluid section. Over time as the rod moves through the fluid section and packings, it can wear resulting in changes in your airless pattern or coatings leaking from areas it shouldn’t. With light duty/ lower price airless sprayers there is typically not as many packings as you will have with a more commercial grade sprayer and there is typically not a way to continue to add pressure to the packings, adding pressure can help increase the longevity of your airless sprayer. Ultimately fewer packings can result in a light duty airless sprayer not holding up to frequent use as well and can result in the sprayer having inconsistent spray patterns in a shorter period of time.  If you plan on spraying more than about 25 gallons a week you will find a commercial airless will hold up to your work compared to a low price airless.

Budget vs Commercial Airless Sprayer 2nd Difference – Design Differences

The second big difference between a budget and more commercial airless sprayer will be in the overall design of the two units. Most budget airless sprayers will have a nipple where a pickup tube connects to and a fluid section that is much smaller when compared to a commercial grade airless. Additionally, the electric motor will tend to be less heavy duty, most commercial grade airless sprayers will have a brushless motor, which is a heavier duty designed motor that stands up to frequent use more effectively. Comparatively a light duty lower cost airless motor will typically not be brushless, meaning it may wear sooner.

Budget vs Commercial Airless Sprayer 2nd Difference – Parts

The third difference between a budget and commercial airless sprayer is the variety of parts available. A commercial duty airless sprayer like a Titan 440 or Graco 390 airless will allow you to replace any part within it from the electric motor, to the fluid section, and more. This enables a commercial airless sprayer to be able to be used continually for many years. A lighter duty sprayer will have some replacement parts but not as many as a commercial airless making it better suited for a one time or occasional project.

Similarities between Budget vs Commercial Airless Sprayers

While there are a variety of differences in what you will get with a budget vs commercial airless sprayer, both will tend to spray about the same from a spray pattern standpoint.


Final Thoughts on Budget vs Commercial Airless Sprayers

If you will use an airless once, for a single project you may consider renting a commercial airless. You may also buy a budget airless and realize it may end up being thrown away after the project, they tend not to always do well after being put in storage (depending on how well you clean the sprayer for storage). If you spray more than once a week you may be best investing in a commercial airless.  Ultimately an airless sprayer can help you complete a variety of painting projects quickly and efficiently. By knowing the differences between a commercial and light duty airless you can determine which will be best for your painting needs. You will find a variety of commercial and light duty airless available in our online store.

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