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Airless Sprayer Storage – A Complete Guide (Includes Video)

Whether your looking to store an airless paint sprayer for winter or for a few weeks it is critical to properly prepare your airless sprayer for storage. By properly preparing your airless sprayer for storage you can ensure it will spray well the next time you need it and ensure it will last for years of use. Will cover how to properly clean an airless sprayer and prepare it for storage in this guide.

Step 1 for Airless Sprayer Storage Preparation– Flush all materials out of your airless Sprayer

Before getting the airless sprayer ready for storage, you should first be sure to thoroughly clean your airless sprayer. The proper cleaner for your airless sprayer will depend on whether you are using a solvent or water based product. For solvent based products the thinner will depend on the material you have sprayed (you can learn more about the proper solvent by reviewing your technical data sheet for your coating) for water based products you can use water.

To make clean up easier you can depressurize the unit and remove the filter from the pump. Then with the proper cleaner you can begin to pump cleaning solution through just the fluid section by ensuring your dump valve is open (see video below toward end of video for details). Once you have thoroughly cleaned the fluid section, you can then switch the airless sprayer to spray and spray material until the material coming out of the airless spray gun is clean. Generally speaking you can make clean up easier by removing the tip from your airless as well and using low pressure while cleaning out the lines this will make for less bounce back and an overall easier process cleaning out the spray gun and lines.

Step 2 for Airless Sprayer Storage – Use protective Airless Sprayer Pump Additive

This second step in storing an airless sprayer is not always needed but if you plan on storing your airless sprayer for more than a few days you will want to consider using a protective pump additive. The protective additive keeps the pump lubricated and prevents freezing of the pump. You can return the airless pump filter back to the unit prior to storing it.

Ultimately properly storing your airless sprayer will maximize the pumps life, ensure it will work effectively when you take it out of storage and allow you to operate for a long time.

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