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Best Industrial Spray Guns 2017 - Reviews

From time to time we get asked about our favorite industrial spray guns as each year a lot of customers purchase spray guns and equipment and we also spend time in the field helping spray a variety of materials. From these practical experiences we have a lot of understanding of which industrial spray guns are best and for various reasons. Will cover a few of our favorite industrial spray guns that tend to last, perform well, and can spray a variety of materials.

Option 1 - A Binks 2100 Spray Gun

A binks 2100 spray gun is a conventional pressure feed spray gun and is also available as a suction feed spray gun. We like the 2100 spray gun because it has a variety of tip sizes available from 0.7 mm up to 2.8 MM the 2100 gun can spray material ranging from wood finishes up to concrete curing compounds. We also like the Binks 2100 spray gun because it has a variety of air caps including some that can work with low CFM.This can make it a useful spray gun if you have a small air compressor as the conventional cap will help with thicker material but still be able to break up your paint efficiently. The guns parts are all replaceable making it a life long tool and it weighs approximately 1.4 pounds making it relatively light for a conventional spray gun.The price of this gun is around $273.00 making it a great option. Materials that can be sprayed: Glue, Zinc, Epoxies, Enamels, Latex, and many more.

Option 2 - A Binks Trophy Series Spray Gun

The Trophy Series is a step up in price but also versatility from the 2100 Spray.  The Binks Trophy Series spray gun offers the option to spray conventional, HVLP, or LVMP. Each of these options is well suited for different types of coating. HVLP can help keep waste down while conventional is well suited for thicker industrial coatings. By simply changing the air cap you can be able to spray thick paints that may not break up with HVLP but then switch back to HVLP to once again reduce waste. The main downside is the initial price of this spray gun but it does come with 3 fluid tips when bought as the 2465 HV 1 setup. Replacement fluid nozzles are $48 dollars making parts pretty well priced. The gun weights only 1 pound which makes it comfortable for regular use. It can be used with a pressure pot, suction cup, or even as a gravity feed. The initial price is around $470 making it quick a bit more expensive.  

Option 3 -  Devilbiss Compact Spray Gun

The Devilbiss Compact Spray Gun atomizes heavy industrial coatings well.  It tends to spray heavy industrial coatings via HVLP very well. It also has optional LVMP or conventional caps and can be used as a suction, gravity, or pressure feed. The ergonomics are some of the best available as many users have commented that it is comfortable to hold. The initial price of $516 makes it a bit higher priced. Overall it Is still one of our favorite Industrial Spray Guns.

Ultimately which industrial spray gun is best for your project and needs will depend on a variety of factors. We like the 2100 if you only need a conventional spray gun or know you will be rough on equipment. The Trophy offers great versatility though and parts are better priced for now, as it comes with 3 tips it is sent ready to spray a variety of materials making it a great option if its not outside of one’s budget. If none of these guns appeal you can always look at a spray gun that is well suited for one to a few uses like a Harbor Freight Spray Gun.

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