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Low Boy vs High Boy Airless Sprayers – A Guide

If you are considering a new airless paint sprayer you will notice two primary configurations available. One sits low to the ground while the other sits up relatively high. These models are known as low boy and high boy configurations.  Both have there benefits and drawbacks which we will cover in this article. By choosing the right style for your painting needs you will be able to ensure more effective painting.

High Boy Paint Sprayers Pros and Cons

High boy paint sprayers sit a few feet off the ground with a pick up tube extending downward . The greatest benefit about the highboy sprayers is that you can tilt it backwards and place a 5 gallon bucket of paint underneath it. Additionally, the high boy is typically wheeled which allows for easy moving around job sites. The biggest negative about the high boys is that they take up more space. This can be problematic if space is at a premium because you have a lot of other tools your carrying or a small vehicle. Though the units typically can lay back to fit in most cars. Another potential negative depending on your situation is that high boy sprayers are typically a bit more expensive (usually a couple hundred dollars different).

Low Boy Paint Sprayers Pros and Cons

Low boys sit close to the ground and use a flexible pick up tube that is fed into a 5 gallon bucket or another source of paint. A low boy sprayer takes up significantly less room which can make it ideal if storage space is important or if you will only be painting very sporadically. Additionally, the low boy sprayer will usually cost less than a high boy sprayer. To get around the lower profile if it’s an issue you can always get a longer pick up hose for your airless sprayer. Some of the disadvantages of the low boy airless are that it is less maneuverable. Additionally, the low boy is not as quick in changing out between buckets of paint.


If your primary focus is on maneuverability and ease of work the high boy can be a great solution. If your primary needs are saving space and cost the low boy could be the perfect solution for you.  If you have questions feel free to contact us. You can also learn more about factors to consider when buying an airless paint sprayer here  We also offer new airless sprayers in both styles from Titan and Graco.

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