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Preventing Paint Build Up on Airless Sprayer Hose and Fluid Hose – A Complete Guide

Anyone who has painted for a while knows how much trouble paint building up on your fluid or airless sprayer hose can be. It can create inflexbility and even cause accelerated wear of your hose. Understanding how to prevent paint build up on your hose will allow for longer and easier use of your airless hose. Below are a few tips on how to prevent paint build up on your hose.

Option 1 – Wrap Your Hose with Protective Coverings

The first choice you have to prevent paint build up on your airless sprayer hose and fluid hose is to wrap the hose. A product like this clear hose covering allows you to run your hose through the covering and keeps your paint hose free from build up. If the covering gets dirty from to much paint, you simply throw it away and get a new clear covering.

Option 2 for Protecting Your Paint Sprayer Hose – Vaseline

If you find wrapping your sprayer hose is disadvantageous you can also coat your airless sprayer or paint hose in Vaseline. The Vaseline will serve as a protective lubricant to the hose and as paint builds up you can simply wipe the hose down removing the overspray that has accumulated. This method requires a bit more attention as if the overspray build up becomes too heavy the Vaseline may not be sufficient to allow for an easy wipe off or the hose.

Option 3 for Protecting Your Paint Sprayer Hose from Paint Build Up – Dilgent Replacement

This last option may be less than ideal as you may end up throwing away airless hose more often than necessary. The one benefit to this is that you will have hose that is in better condition overall but may become harder to work with as paint builds up.

Option 4 for Protecting Your Sprayer Hose  – Clean as You Go

The final option is to wipe your hose routinely as you paint. This can also require being diligent reviewing your hose to ensure that you keep ahead of any overspray drying excessively.

Final thoughts

While it may seem small, maintaining your airless sprayer hose can help you paint longer and more efficiently. Following the tips mentioned will help you keep your airless sprayer hose in better condition.

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