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Should You Repair your own Airless Paint Sprayer-A Decision Guide

Airless paint sprayers are the backbone of a paint contractor’s business, if they fail it can end up costing you significant money. However, repair services can often be expensive and take time to have your repair work finished depending on how busy the repair store is. In this article will cover things to think about when you’re evaluating whether not to repair your own airless paint sprayer or have an outside company do the work for you.

Factors to consider when Evaluating Repairing an Airless vs having A Outside Company Repair Airless Paint Sprayer

  1. The Number of Airless Paint Sprayers You Own  if you have multiple airless paint sprayers and have multiple crew members who work for you it is often easier to be able to send your airless paint sprayer to repair company. After all, you will not have to worry about having an airless available for your production or painting needs. Additionally, a qualified professional will often diagnose issues that might be overlooked by someone who does not routinely work on airless paint sprayers or have the necessary test equipment. A Professional often times may be able perform the work in a short period of time and depending on how many airless paint sprayers you have may be able to rush work for your company.
  2. The length of time you repair work lasts-another factor to consider is how long your airless paint sprayer continues to work after you’ve performed a repair. Most airless paint sprayer manufacturers like Gracoand Titan will have a suggested number of hours that you should be able to spray without encountering issues. If you are continually rebuilding airless sprayers before for the suggested hours, you may want to consider an outside company to see if there repair services will outlast your repair work in terms of hours of use. Many times a quality repair service will rebuild A pump more thoroughly resulting in longer service times for your equipment.
  3. Your familiarity with rebuilding airless paint sprayers-common rebuild needs for airless paint sprayers include repacking the fluid section and if needed replacing the balls and seats. These common tasks are relatively easy to learn and there’s a variety of resources online on how to perform these tasks. Even though learning how to rebuild the airless will be easy, most the time it’ll take at least one hour but for those who have not done a lot of airless sprayer rebuilding it is more common to take about two hours to properly clean and repair the unit.
  4. Guarantee of equipment functionality-A quality airless repair company will stand behind their repair work if they return the unit and it starts malfunctioning in a short period of time they should be willing to ensure that the airless is returned to working order without additional labor fees.
  5. The Value of your employee’s time– in addition to considering the physical time needed to repair the airless, you should also consider the cost of paying your employee or yourself. To be safe it is usually wise to set aside at least an hour or even two hours labor time to know the cost of labor that will be needed to repair your own airless. In addition to losing time, you also want to consider the potential cost associated with the loss of production. If the employee repairing the airless would otherwise be on the production line or jobsite you want to consider the amount of product or work they would be able to accomplish in the 1 to 2 hour time needed to repair your airless.
  6. Are Loaner airless units offered by the repair company-if you only own a single airless and not having it operational will mean an inability to complete a job or manufacture your product some airless repair companies offer loaner units to help ensure you do not lose productivity due to your airless needing repair.
  7. Repair parts in stock-if the repair company stocks the parts that will be needed for most common repairs they can often get the unit back to you in a very short period of time or you can also get the repair parts that you need to do the work yourself. Or if you need parts stocked will the repair company work with you to keep needed parts in stock, this can eliminate your downtime whether you choose to repair the unit or the company does it.
  8. Pickup services availability-if the airless repair company offers pick up of your nonfunctioning unit you will have no need to remove a worker from production to get the airless unit rebuilt professionally.
  9. Safety – Airless Paint Sprayers can cause injection injuries and should be worked on with proper safety in mind. You should understand the dangerous of airless sprayers and be able to safely work on them with proper safety equipment.


By considering these 9 important factors about airless paint sprayer repairs you should be able to make a decision which will help maximize your productivity and keep your ultimate airless repair cost to a minimum. 

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