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The Best Airless Paint Sprayers for Any Budget or Project

An airless sprayer is a great way to spray large surfaces fast and effectively.  From spraying roof coatings to repainting the side or interior of your home, airless sprayers are a great option.  Choosing the best airless sprayer for the work you intend to perform is important to getting good results.  In this post, we will review airless sprayers that are well suited for a variety of budgets or projects – from professional contractor roof rigs to one-time house projects. In this guide, we will break out airless sprayers by the type of work that will be required so you can easily find the right type of airless sprayer.

One-time and Small Project Airless Sprayers

 If you only have one project to complete, you might consider renting an airless sprayer. But if the work will take a while or you might want to be able to work on projects in the future, then it would be best to consider one of the following airless sprayers that are designed for occasional project use.

TITAN ControlMax HEA Airless Sprayers

The TITAN ControlMax HEA Airless Sprayers (ControlMax Sprayers) are designed for the occasional project.  They are offered in 1700 psi and 1900 psi models.  In general, if you can use the higher pressure, then it is recommended since this will allow you to break up heavier paint more effectively. It supports up to a 0.019″ tip, which is generally what you will use for most house paints (a 517 to 519 tip).

$249 – $449

Wagner ControlPro Airless Paint Sprayers

The Wagner ControlPro Airless Paint Sprayers (ControlPro Sprayers) are also high efficiency, low pressure airless sprayers.  The pressure limits will make it most useful for light to medium viscosity paints, much like the ControlMax Sprayers.  The ControlPro Sprayers are offered in a few sizes – 150, 170, and 190.  The model numbers suggest a maximum tip size of 170 or 190 for house paints, and the 150 for furniture and similar finishes.

$279- $429

Graco Magnum Paint Sprayers

The Graco Magnum Series Airless Sprayers (Graco Sprayers) are great because they offers 3000 psi.  The higher psi sprayers will do a better job of breaking up latex and similar paints.  These sprayers are offered in the X17, X19, and X21 with each model number representing the recommended tip size for that sprayer.  These models are meant for slightly more frequent use, like the contractor who occasionally needs a sprayer.  The X5 and X7 models also offer 3000 psi and are at the lower budget point. This makes them a great one-time project unit.

$292 – $739

Our Favorite Airless Sprayers for Small Projects

The right light-use airless sprayer will depend slightly on how you want to use it.  For house repainting and other larger tasks, we like the higher pressure Graco Sprayers like the X7.  For thinner paint such as the kind that you would use for furniture painting, the ControlMax Sprayers and ControlPro Sprayers are great options. While any of these units will handle the job, the high efficiency options are generally more effective with thinner coatings.

Contractor Airless Sprayers

When it comes to airless sprayers for contractors, we will divide them into a few categories based on the number of gallons you spray and the number of operators you should expect to use.

Consistent Contractor Use

This category includes contractors that expect to spray 50 to 100 gallons per week.  Common sprayers that will work well for this volume include the TITAN 440, 540, and 650 and the Graco 390, 395, and 490 series.

The best size sprayer will depend on your coating, but you can read our guide on choosing an airless sprayer for additional insight.

$897 – $1,770

Frequent, Heavy Contractor Use

If you use your airless sprayer all the time, you will want to consider a larger sprayer like the Graco 595 or higher or the TITAN 640 or higher.  These will handle a few hundred gallons of material a week.  The larger the sprayer, the longer it will last before you need to repack or repair it.  Another factor that makes size important is how many painters you expect to use the unit at a time. For two operators or more, the smallest sprayer you should use is the Graco UltraMax 795 or the TITAN 840.

$1,899 – $6,500

Special Use Sprayers

Texture and Paint

For spraying texture and paint at the same time, the Graco Mark IV and Mark V are ideal.  They have fluid sections that are designed for the abrasive nature of textured materials.

$4,109 – $7,229.00

Roof Rig Sprayers

Roof rigs are unique because of the high viscosity and tall heights you will often have in order to deliver your coatings.  Starter rigs will generally have to be left on the roof. Rigs that you can pump material from the ground up to the rooftop are convenient but also quite costly.

For smaller projects, the Graco DutyMax GH 675DI will allow you to spray thick roof coatings from the rooftop itself, but will not feed material from the ground.  Units that can feed coatings from the ground include the Graco GH 733, 833, 933 and higher. These often require pogo pumps to deliver material and other special setup requirements.

$5,700 and up

In Summary…

 Choosing the best airless sprayer will depend on your coating, where you are working, and how much a sprayer is used.  Use this guide as a good starting point. If you need additional suggestions, please send us a message anytime.

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