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Paint Booth Sales & Service

Whether you have purchased a new paint booth or need help relocating an existing used paint booth we can provide turn key paint booth installation services in Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.  We offer new paint Booths with Global Finishing Solutions.

Looking for a new Paint Booth ?

  • We offer on site consultation to determine the right style paint booth for your paint process needs.
  • You can also learn a lot about paint booths on our blog where we cover the most common questions and things to consider.
  • We offer site visits for you to see the style paint booth we are recommending and can often times arrange for product testing to determine if the booth will meet your needs
  • View Our common Paint Booth Solutions we offer here

What our Paint Booth Installation Services Include

  • Free on site consultation to ensure the booth can be properly installed at your location
  • Complete mechanical assembly of your paint booth - We will erect the paint booth and install all the lights and paint booth filters
  • Connect all electrical components from electrical supply to your spray booth - We will connect all the lights, air solenoid, and paint booth control panel.  The customer must provide the electric within 15 feet of the paint booth
  • Optional Air Make up and Booth Tuning - We can provide air make up and spray booth calibration services that will ensure your booth is properly balanced and if a bake cycle is included that it is properly functioning
  • Paint Booth Duct Penetration - We will connect the exhaust and intake duct to your paint booth including providing the roof penetration and sealing all roof penetrations to prevent roof leaks
  • Optional application of protective paint booth coating - Paint Booth Coating will prevent build up of coating on your paint booth and ensure it looks good for years to come.

Benefits of our Paint Booth Installation Services

  • We stand behind our work:  If there are any issues related to our initial work we will fix them to ensure proper operation
  • No Hassle for You - We will take care your entire booth installation project and ensure proper functioning so that you do not have to tie up your employees with erecting a paint booth
  • Expertise in Paint Booth Installation - We have installed a great number of paint booths in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia as well as nationwide.

Do you want further help understanding the cost of us helping with a paint booth installation?  Contact us Today.

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