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Best Powder Coating Guns in 2021

The Best Powder Coating Guns of 2021 

As a powder coater, the powder coating gun you use will be critical to ensure you achieve consistent smooth powder coating finishes.  In this guide, we will cover the best powder coating guns for a variety of different powder coating needs, from beginners to professionals.  We will also cover the differences between each powder coating gun, which one may be best for you, and more.


Entry Level Powder Coating Guns 2021

For those who are just getting started with powder coating, you generally can start with a lower-cost powder coating gun.  This level of powder coating gun will typically have lower KV output compared to a higher priced powder coating gun, it will also not automatically adjust microamps and kv’s to combat far a day or back ionization, which means it will be harder to effectively complete two coat powder coating projects as well as corner areas.  Additionally, a lower KV output will result in less powder wrap, which will result in more powder over spray compared to a higher KV rated powder coating gun.

Popular Entry Level Powder Coating Guns 2021


Eastwood Dual Volt HotCoat Powder Coating Gun

The Eastwood Dual Volt Powder Coating Gun offers 25kv at the high setting and 15 kv at the low setting.  Having a high and low output setting can be helpful to allow you to do two coat work and powder coat corners, however the lower overall kv output will usually present some challenges with two coat work.  Additionally, at 25 KV, you will have more powder over spray compared to a higher KV rated powder coating gun.


best powder coating guns 2021



Harbor Freight Powder Coating Gun

Harbor Freight is well known for affordable tools, with no surprise, they have a great Entry Level Powder Coating Gun.  Much like other entry Level powder coating guns, it offers a lower KV output performance and has limited replacement parts.  However, it is also in stock at most Harbor Freight Stores which makes it easy to get locally. 

best powder coating guns 2021 


  • Affordable - $79.00
  • Stocked locally – Available at a variety of Harbor Freight Stores


Mid Level Powder Coating Guns 2021

Mid Level Powder Coating Guns typically offer a higher KV output, which reduces over spray.  They will also at times offer KV and Micro Amp Adjustment.  Mid Level Powder Coating Guns can be used for projects varying from fabricators to garage warriors.  Mid Level Powder Coating Guns are also more repairable with replacement parts usually being available.  They will also offer a variety of tips to allow for greater flexibility when doing a variety of different targets from wheels to railing to flat sheet metal.


Redline EZ 50

The EZ 50 is Redline’s lower end powder coating gun.  It offers 50 KV output and a siphon cup design.  This makes it an ideal powder gun to graduate to from an entry level power coating gun.  You can replace the electrode, the power pack, and nozzles making it fairly repairable. At 50 KV’s transfer efficiency will be better than an entry level powder coating gun.  The gun allows adjustment of KV’s as well as making it suitable for dual coat or corner powder coating.  It doesn’t offer automatic KV and Microamp balancing, so it will require some technique changes to work well for two coat and far-a-day areas.  For more info you can checkout our Youtube Video Review here.




  • 50 KV output provides greater coverage than lower KV Guns 
  • Rebuildable – parts are available


  • Doesn’t automatically   balance KV and Microamps
  • 50 KV output results in less wrap than 100 KV Powder Guns

Redline EZ 100

The EZ 100 is similar to the EZ 50 in regards to repairability, KV control, and design.  The main differences are that it includes a gravity fed design and has a higher KV output (100KV).  The higher KV output will reduce overspray, it will also provide greater flexibility when applying two coats of powder.  Parts are also available.




●        Full 100 KV Output

●        No Auto Balance of KV and Microamps

●        Priced well at $589

●        KV Control only not KV and Microamp

●        Rebuild parts Available



Columbia Coatings Hypersmooth

The Hyper smooth Columbia Coatings Gun gives 100 KV output.  It also gives a controller rather than knobs on the gun, this can allow for finer tuning of the guns settings. The kit also offers accessories that can be used with it like a powder coating hopper to improve atomization of your powder and provide smooth finishes. 

SpectraCoat Powder Coating Unit 

Spectracoat™ has a good mid level powder coating unit. The unit also has some auto balancing of KV output to help with far-a-day and two coat projects.  It also has repair parts, add on accessory options (like fluidizing hoppers).  The price point of this powder coating unit is a bit more running at $1345. 

Professional Level Powder Coating Units

This is the top of the heap in terms of quality and potential results.  At this level of powder coating equipment, the powder coating guns will provide auto balancing of KV and Microamps (meaning the controller will balance out the amount of power being delivered based on how much resistance to charge is being experienced).  This will result in the strongest performance when it comes to doing dual coat powder coating as well as dealing with far-a-day cage areas.  Additionally, the powder coating components are built to a higher quality standard.  All parts will be replaceable for repair and these units will typically have a long initial warranty compared to the other level of powder coating guns.  These units also feature a separate controller from the powder gun for maximum control of the settings you are using while coating.


Gema Optiflex®

The Gema Optiflex® offers some of the most advanced KV and Microamp control on the market.  Powder coaters doing a lot of two coat, far-a-day, and difficult coating work (like metallic powders) often find the advanced KV control’s to provide a great ability to reduce issues like back ionization or poor coating in corned areas.  It is available in hopper or box feed configurations.  But it does offer a 5 year warranty which is one of the longest in the industry.



Wagner Sprint Powder Coating Unit

Wagner’s Powder Coating  units also offer adjustable KV and microamp.  They tend to deliver a bit more powder volume at a time compared to other professional level units.  The Wagner unit offers auto balancing of KV and Microamp.  It is also completely rebuildable and comes with a 2 year warranty if being used one shift full time. Wagner Sprint Units tend to be a bit more affordable in the Professional Level Powder Unit market ranging in price from $4500 to $5500.   The Wagner Sprint Control Box also offers auto adjusting for far-a-day as well as two coat work. You can check out the Wagner Sprint in Action here for more info


best powder coating gun 2021




Nordson Encore®

Nordson is Made in the USA.  It offers a variety of unique accessories from a light attachment to hoppers and more.  Nordson also offers auto balancing KV and Microamps, and full replacement parts.  There controllers are pre programmed for use for far-a-day areas and two coat projects. 


best powder coating guns 2021



Overview of the Best Powder Coating Guns 2021

The Best Powder coating Gun will depend a bit on what you want to use it for and the results you want to achieve.  By understanding your goals and reviewing the different options for each level of powder coater you can choose a powder coating gun that will deliver great results at a price that makes sense for you.

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